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Site Investigation

Do you own a real estate and suspect that an old landfill is located right on the property? Or do you fear that chemicals or petrol could have been spilled? Don´t worry, here you found your partner. We would be glad to help you answer all your questions.

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Assessment of the environmental status and geotechnical requirements for real estate evaluation

Are you interested in selling or buying real estate or developing your property but fearing costs due to contaminations or a poor bearing capacity of the soil? Before starting your project, contact us first to find out, how expensive your project could get. We will answer all your questions and together figure out the best solution.

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Foundation and Soil Investigations - Geotechnics

Every building should stand safe and sound. In order to avoid settlements or landslides, a proper foundation based on soil investigation and geotechnical planning services is necessary. Find out what we do here.

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Investigation of Polluted Building Stocks

If you want to demolish a building in Austria with more waste than 750to, you are required to conduct an investigation of polluted building stocks. Find out here what that means.

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Leaching Projects

Where to go with all the rainwater drain? You as a building-owner are responsible to return rainwater cleanly to the natural hydrological cycle. Most of the times this happens with the help of French drains. Continue reading to find out, how we can help you with your rainwater problem.

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Remediation Planning and Tendering Processes

Every remediation process starts with a proper planning. We plan and advise when it comes to bids and/or the implementation of remedial works. Remediating contaminations requires specific expertise of planners and tenderers . Especially when different material streams should be remediated, particular nation related knowledge on regulations of waste is inevitable. However, not every planner nor bidder has the expertise. We, regardless, know how to support you, just keep reading.

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Characterization of Excavated Material

The biggest amount of waste produced in Austria is kept in mind by the Fewest: excavated soil. An expert declaration on the chemical quality of waste is one of our core services and requires a certification as accredited body according ISO 17020.

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Characterization of Recycled Building Materials

Demolished concrete, brick chippings and asphalt. There are many recycled building materials and the promotion of a circular economy will only lift the amount in the future. Read more about the prescribed evaluations for recycled building materials and our concerning services.

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Management of Subsidies for Remediation Projects

In case you are already caring for a brownfield or a contaminated site (land recycling), we would like to help you with the remediation. A deciding step therefore is the reception of subsidies. We know how the land lies and will help you in every step of the process, just continue reading to get more information.

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Historical Investigation

When treating a site, the first questions that arise are always: What happened there, at what time and why? Continue reading to figure out how we answer these questions and therefore solve your problems.

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Drinking water and Sewage

Water is life!
Drinking water is our most important nutrient, whereas sewerage has to comply certain chemical thresholds, to be able to be released into the sewage water system or streaming water. As an engineering company for land development and water management, we undertake corresponding controls.

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Drilling, Sample Taking and Analytical Services

A high quality survey presupposes appropriate drilling and analysis data. Therefore, blp GeoServices Ltd. conducts drilling performances and sample taking with its own equipment and workforce not only for our but possibly also for your project. Continue reading to get more information.

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Innovative Investigation, Research and Development (R&D)

The technologies around brownfield investigations are constantly developing. Hence, several different investigation methods are currently available that help identifying underground pollutions more precisely and therefore lead to more accurate reports. In Austria, we are the only provider that is particularly working in this segment! Moreover, we are continuously integrated in diverse research projects regarding remedial actions. Continue reading, to find out more.

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Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

Are you responsible for an IPPC-facility and need an baseline report according to the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)? If yes you are right where you are, since we create such baseline reports. Just continue reading to find out more.

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Water Monitoring Programs

Every building project, no matter whether infrastructural or domestic, requires the proof that zero negative effects on the groundwater occur. Read more and find out how we monitor these effects.

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Monitoring Remediations

Monitoring remedial works is an important part of a remediation process, on one hand to prove the remedial success after finishing the project, on the other hand to monitor the ongoing remediation process and to identify optimisation potentials.

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Pedology and Pedological Construction Supervision

Almost every building project calls for an intervention in the ground. Thereby, the humus is almost always shifted. However, keeping a functional soil is an essential environmental measurement! Therefore soil investigations and a pedological building supervision are necessary. How we do that.

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Soil and Groundwater Aggressivity

External effects influence building materials used subsurface, like concrete or steel. We show you which materials can be used in which situations.

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Landfill Planning

Even the best waste management is facing residues, which have to be deposited somewhere safely. But in the end, every landfill is full and follow-up care measurements have to be taken. Here you will find out more, about what we can do for you.

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Landfill Monitoring

Every landfill has to be supervised, to make sure that the landfill is not only safely planned, but also safely operated. Find out which services we offer you for a safe landfill operation.

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Data, data, data… That´s all well and good, but as we all know: an image or a map says more than a thousand words. Due to our long-time engineering activities, we possess a lot of knowledge around the topic of geoinformatics. Find out more.

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