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Characterization of Excavated Material

Due to building projects a lot of waste is produced, especially waste that one does not immediately think about like:

  • Excavated material
  • Contaminated excavated material
  • Old installations and foundations
  • Bed ash and similar materials

Many do not know that a chemical evaluation on the excavated material filled with, for example, bricks or other pollutants, is needed. This evaluation is also required if the material is clean but the excavated amount is larger than 2000to.

We professionally take samples, care for the needed analysis and issue the relevant documents for a legal, secure and hazard-free removal and disposal your materials.

In many cases, these examinations are combined with foundation and soil investigations.

Since 18/10/2019 we are accredited according international standard ISO 17020:2012 as an auditing body for evaluation according to the Landfill Ordinance 2008 as amended. As well as that we are also accredited for the evaluation of recycled building materials since 2020.

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