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Pedological _Supervision
Pedological Supervision

Pedology and Pedological Construction Supervision

Pedological investigations due to building projects, for instance within the environmental impact declaration and the environmental impact assessment, as well as due to questions regarding brownfield development, are a huge remit.

blp GeoServices Ltd. independently conducts field mapping and sample taking of the ground. The analysis of the gained data takes place in accredited laboratories.

The result is an expert opinion on the soil functions and the recommendation to preserve them during the conduction of building measures.

Another important field of pedology is the evaluation of the soil functions regarding French drains. The right installation of the filter, the right humus thickness and strictly adhered pollution thresholds are inevitable for the function of a soil filter.

Ask us per +43-732-997004-0, if you want to find out more about the protection of soil.

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