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Underground Investigation

Foundation and Soil Investigations – Geotechnics

Foundation and soil investigations are conducted to enable technically safe and economically reasonable foundations and building pits, since every building has to stand safe and sound.

Therefore, the right foundation, adapted to the particular geological situation, and a properly measured protection of the building pit is inevitable.
But what is the right foundation now? The right foundation has to be choosen from a broad range of foundation types, like ordinary foundations and deep-seated foundations, but also specific types like soil stabilisation or Impact Pulsion.
Securing the building pit makes sure that the safety for workers during the construction period is guaranteed.

The planning and construction of a building is always based on proper foundation and soil investigations. Our speciality in this area is working on preused sites, for instance, on a priorly used landfill or a former industrial site. Hereby further questions, not just standard questions, have to be considered, for example a deep-seated foundation in a granular body, the aggressivity of contaminants bearing groundwater on concrete and steel or the combined usage of remediation and foundation technologies, like combing In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) with ground cement stabilisation.

Besides geotechnics, we of course, also care about the right chemical declaration of the excavated ground material and generate the required documents for the safe and legal disposal of these excavated ground material.

Often, we work on these projects together with competent partners in the areas of geotechnics and statistics.

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